Our kittens are raised in a family environment where they are well socialised.
We give each kitten as much time and care as possible, in order to make sure it becomes a playful, healthy and purring companion to his new owners.

Kittens can be picked up at the age of 13 to16 weeks, by then they are dewormerd and fully vaccinated, when needed rabis and chipped, including passport, health certificate from my vet, pedigree and some of the food (Royal Canin) they are raised with.

Kittens for transport by air need to be al least 4 months old, we can accommodate shipping requirements to quarantine countries. The price of breeding kittens will be different than pets use as pets.

Kittens sold as pets must be neutered/spayed, pedigree will be send afterwards.

We believe full vaccination coverage, repeated deworming, veterinarian supervision as well as healthy food and care are guaranties for a healthy and well balanced kitten.